Single Sign-On (SSO)

We have simplified the log-in process for all of Skyscanner’s WordPress sites to be integrated with the Company SSO.

Before you start

It’s best to begin by confirming with your Skyscanner contact whether or not you’ve already been set up with a Skyscanner SSO account.

If you have an SSO account: you should be good to proceed.

If you do not have an SSO account: make sure to let your contact know that you need one and get them to help set you up.

First Time Log-In

Logging in for the first time should be fairly straightforward. If you’ve had SSO set up with help from your contact you might also have set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with your phone/another device. You’ll need this device to log-in successfully.

If you haven’t set-up MFA yet, this guide should help:

The above document is password protected, talk to your Skyscanner contact about getting access.

The WordPress login page should now redirect you to Skyscanner’s SSO authentication page. Once you’ve entered your email and password, you should receive a prompt on your MFA device asking for your approval.

Click approve and you should be logged in to WordPress!

Upgrading User Role

By default, when you log-in to a site for the first time you will have the ‘Subscriber’ user role. This role means you’ll effectively be unable to do anything on the site until you’ve been upgraded.

To proceed, please ask your Skyscanner contact to make sure your user-role is upgraded.